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Cal Ripken Babe Ruth New Rules

By Babe Ruth, 01/02/23, 2:15PM EST


On behalf of Babe Ruth League, Inc., we want to thank you for the extra efforts you put forth in helping make 2022 a successful and enjoyable season for our participants.
The International Board of Directors has approved the following rule changes beginning with the 2023 season. These changes will be reflected in the 2023 Babe Ruth League, Inc. Rules, and Regulations.
Cal Ripken Baseball, League Age 8, 9, 10, Tournament Regulations - Rule 11.05, Paragraph 4(a) – A pitcher shall not deliver more than 75 pitches in the same game or on the same day.
  1. If a pitcher pitch 1-40 pitches in a game or day, no rest is required.
  2. If a pitcher pitches 41-65 pitches in a game or day, 1 day rest required.
  3. If a pitcher pitches 66 plus pitches in a game or day, 2 days rest required.
Cal Ripken Baseball Division, Babe Ruth Baseball Division, Babe Ruth Softball Division, Babe Ruth Buddy Ball Division - Jewelry is permitted in all divisions of Babe Ruth League Inc. Umpires have the authority to remove anything believed to distract or increase risk to player safety. Medical alert or religious bracelets or necklaces are not considered jewelry.”
Cal Ripken Major 60 World Series (11/12-year-old players) – Due to the decline in player participation at the State Tournaments and Regional Tournaments, the Cal Ripken Major 60 World Series has been eliminated. Individual States and Regions are permitted to host a Cal Ripken Major 60 tournament if so desired.
Cal Ripken Baseball Division, Babe Ruth Baseball Division, Babe Ruth Softball Division Tournament Team Administration Fees 
Cal Ripken Baseball   Babe Ruth Baseball
8-Year-Old Tournament Team $50   13-Year-Old Tournament Team $75
9-Year-Old Tournament Team $50   14-Year-Old Tournament Team $75
10-Year-Old Tournament Team $75   13-15-Year-Old Tournament Team $75
11-Year-Old Tournament Team $50   16-18-Year-Old Tournament Team $200
12-Year-Old Tournament Team $75      
Softball Tournament Teams 8U; 10U; 12U; 14U; 16U & 18U - $50
Babe Ruth Softball Division – Rule 8.02 (The Pitcher)
  1. The pitch starts when one hand is off the ball, or the pitcher makes any motion that is part of the windup. In the act of delivering the ball, the pitcher shall not take more than one step which must be forward, toward the batter, and simultaneously with the delivery of the ball to the batter. Towards the batter is interpreted as within the twenty-four” length of the pitcher’s plate.
  2. For a legal delivery:  The pitcher is allowed to have their pivot foot remain in contact with the pitcher’s plate, push off and drag away from the pitcher, or leap with both feet in the air simultaneously.
Note:  Allowing the pitcher to have both feet in the air does not allow pitchers to crow-hop or re-plant. These two actions are illegal.

Babe Ruth Softball Division - Illegal Pitch, Rule 8.06 Penalty – Remove the penalty of advancing a runner one base on illegal pitch for 8.01 – 8.06.  All other parts of the penalty remain the same.

Babe Ruth Softball Division - Courtesy Runner – Add to existing rule – After a team has used its eligible players for this rule, teams shall be allowed to use its last completed at bat to run for the pitcher or catcher.

We value the opinion of our membership and base our future actions and any rule/policy changes on a group consensus. Our goal has always been, and will continue to be, to keep as many players as possible in the great games of baseball and softball and to make it a fun and memorable experience for all.
In closing, we thank you for the time you invest in the benefit of our young athletes. Babe Ruth League, Inc. has always been a volunteer driven organization. The phenomenal success we enjoy is a direct reflection of your ever-increasing dedication and enthusiasm.